101 things in 1001 days…goals and how to acheive them

I am starting this. I have to come up with my list first which I guess to me is really the hardest part. I could probably come up with 1001 things in 10001 days. There are so many things I want to do before I die and places I must see.


I have to say that I have never been one for writing stuff down. Its hard for me to even remember to check in here and dole out something that’s semi interesting for anyone to read here. In the last year I have gotten a very good lesson in why its important to write down your goals. For the past year I have been busting my ass at work to possibly have a remote shot at a new position. Last year about this time I approached Steve at work and asked him what he thought about me being his “intern” of sorts. He’s a senior DBA which is what im eventually going to be. I already gave it some thought and presented my plan to him and he flat out said no. The main reason was because of what he works on is “in-production” data. He said he didnt want me working on that right out of the gate because its gets hairy and super stressful when the CEO of the company is standing in your cube waiting on you to fix the database if something happens. I agreed that I didn’t want that stress….yet. A few days later he re-introduced me to a guy named Hans at work. I already had met Hans but we are in different worlds at work so we never really cross paths, but I knew who he was. I basically know everyone at the company. I cant always put a face and name together but when I see people at our company meetings I know who they are. Once I “Re-met” Hans we started talking about where I was wanting to go and what my goals were. I bluffed him when he asked if I wrote anything down and looked at it all the time and followed some sort of a plan. Of course I do, right? He explained how he writes his goals down and told me how he bought his first house by following his goal plan and keeping up with it. He also told me how when he worked for another company that he had his employees do the same things for goals they wanted to achieve at work. He checked back with them a month later and said that everyone of them who had written down their goals had actually achieved them.
The very next day I wrote down my goals for my career. My 5 year plan. I achieved my main goal of getting a new position at work. I achieved my goal of passing my first test for my Oracle certification. There are still many steps to get to the final goal of being a Senior level DBA but I am convinced that if you write down your goals you can achieve anything. It doesn’t have to just be for work. You can have goals for anything in your life, work, relationships, fitness, hobbies, or anything else that you are aiming for. It worked for me and it can work for you also.


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