Day 1 – Basic things about me

Here are some basic things about me…

Born: Oct, 9, 1974 – Columbus, GA.

Stats:  H-5’9″     W-Stocky 211     Red hair     Green eyes

I work in the IT world as a configuration build engineer but I really want to be a Oracle DBA.

I like photography, saltwater aquariums, playing guitar, and working around the house and yard doing little projects here and there.

Im an avid self-help book reader. You can never improve upon yourself enough.

My favorite food is a sandwich. If it can be placed between 2 slices of some sort of bread I will probably eat it. Im a master at making them also. Pizza is a close second and good fresh Mexican is 3rd.

I try and work out everyday but I dont always get to.

I believe in God and I am religious even though I don’t go to church like I should. (The explanation behind that will be a separate post some day)

I have two boys that are 6 and 9 and I love them more than anything.


There’s the basics…



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