Project: Airline – Hot tub

This will actually be one of my first big projects…removing this beast. Its savable but I am not going to dare start this thing up while its still inside. I cant imagine the amount of humidity that this thing would pumo into the house. that humidity in the house would then cause mold and mildew build up that would only lead to health and house issues. For now its just a place where stuff has been thrown until I can figure out where some of it needs to go. I plan on taking it out and filling in the hole. Its recessed into the slab so there will be a nice size hole to fill. I plan on saving the shell and possibly adding it onto the back patio later on. Until that happens its going to be stored in the shop.
For filling the hole im going to get some large size rocks as big as I can carry and put in there. Then im going to top off the hole with gravel and add a wire mesh on top. Once that’s complete I am going to fill in with concrete and bring it up to the level of the slab. Ill cover it with some carpet scraps for the moment until I get around to laying the hardwood flooring in the living room.

Here are a few pics to give some perspective on how big this thing is. It could easily handle 6-8 people. It would actually be cool to keep it as a sitting area kind of like houses used to have in the 60’s and 70’s but its just not practical.

…where the playas play.  lol


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