Whats the last thing the dumb redneck said???


If this is the dumbest thing I have done lately then im doing pretty good.
I had to change the lightbulb over the stairs going down to the basement. It had a globe on it so reaching and changing with a pole changer wasn’t going to work. I had been thinking on this for a few days now and finally came up with this idea. I had a spare 2×4 that I screwed into the floor joist header that was on the other side of the wall there. I made sure to use 4″ screws and lots of them. Shaking, I climbed up and only went up 2 steps. The first thing I did was take the globe off. I figured if I fell after that at least I could use a pole changer…if I survived the fall. I whipped the blown bulb out fast and had the CFL tucked under my chin and slapped it in there quick. I reached over and checked the switch to make sure the bulb worked and then hopped off quick. I made sure I put a CFL up there so I wont have to change the thing for another 5 years.


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