Project:Airline – The hose connection

When the people who once lived here decided to add an additional hose connection on the back of the house I dont think they really thought out their plan very well. They snaked a pipe along the bottom of the wall in the inside of the garage from one side to the other. Then it went up about a foot or so and then through the wall to the outside. There’s a few problems with this. Its not insulated at all so in the winter Im sure the pipes froze which now that I think about it probably caused what happened today. I decided to go out the garage walk in door today for some reason and when I opened it the bottom flange of the door grabbed the pipe and pulled it away from the wall and separated the joint. Water went everywhere. I was lucky enough that the pipe was only 1/2″ so I could lift and bend it to point outside and spray water there rather than in the garage while I found the shutoff for this pipe.
After I got that issue resolved I realized that I would need to hook this up again with some fresh pipe. This time I decided to point the pipe through a wall that was closer so that the pipe would not have to go under the door and risk being pulled out again. I went to Home Depot this time instead of Lowe’s. I have found that my local HD is better for the outdoor projects like this one.
I got my pipe, connections, Quickrete, and new faucet connection and also decided to go ahead and get a new hose rack. Once I got back home I went to work and dug my hole. First though I had to cut away a beast of a plant. Im not sure what it is but its some sort of vine that the previous owners decided should be a bush and thus trained it to be so. It has some sort of orange-ish berries and inch long thorns. I managed to not get stuck. Once that was cut away I also decided that while I was down here and had the bottom of the stucco exposed id take a peek and see if I had foam backing that extended down past the grade level. Luckily I didn’t see any. If it did then that’s bad for me. It can attract termites and would have to be cut up to 6″ above grade level around the whole house where stucco was present. That’s not a cheap process or an easy one either.
I got my hole dug, rack put in, cement poured around it, faucet hooked up and pipes installed and glued up in about an hour or so. It was a pretty easy job in all. Now I have a place to hang my hose. Here are a few pics I snapped during the process.

No foam under there…

A little heavy on the Purple Primer…



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