Precious moment of realization

Its amazing what medical advances we have these days and what they can provide to recipients. This video is awesome and actually hits home with me because of my hip replacement. I actually had a private moment like this. I had already been post op for a few weeks. I was back at work and off my walker. I parked in my old parking spot that I always have parked in. When I was walking up to the elevator in the parking deck I stepped up on the curb and instantly noticed something different. My brain knew it and my leg knew it before I even realized it. I stepped up on a curb leading with my left leg…my “new” leg. Not only did I lead with that leg I also didn’t have to over compensate and swing my leg up to make it over the curb. I didn’t have to swing it out to clear the curb. I stepped right up on it. As soon as I did it I turned around and looked down and smiled. This was a curb that I had literally tripped over and fell three different times because I couldn’t clear the curb correctly. I just simply could not lift my leg and knee high enough to clear a 6 inch curb. I got a little choked up because I just really realized that I made one of the best decisions of my life to go ahead and get my hip fixed. I knew it needed to be done and I had a list of reasons a mile long but sometimes your reasons just need validation. I got it right at that moment. I knew I did the right thing and I knew it was only going to be better from there on. I have since done several rounds of P90X. I can run and play soccer with my boys. I can hike. I can work out. I can do just about anything a normal person can do with two natural hips. The only thing im not supposed to do is run…as in jog. I can live with that. But I plan on doing a race or two before I finally hang that activity up for good.
So when you watch this video, realize that this is true emotion. She is literally hearing for the first time in her life. She has never heard music. She never heard the tattoo gun when she got her sleeve. She has never heard her husband say, “I love you”. I wonder what the first things she notices about sound that are just mind blowing to her. I wonder what she would think of crickets at night in the summer, or the rustle of birds when they fly over you. What would you miss the most if you lost your hearing? I think for me it would be the laughter of my boys.



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