Project: Airline – Drafty

Im getting my first taste of how drafty and cold this house is going to be this winter. Im starting to think that new windows are going to have to come before the bathroom overhaul. Im sitting at my desk and i can feel the coolness outside and im about 3 feet from the closest window. Thats not good. I went around and looked at the windows today and almost all of them are nailed shut. Thats not generally a problem except that the nails have all been counter sunk. This poses a tough problem. I dont want to break the glass obviously and I dont want to mar or mangle the wood on the window frame. There seems to be a small gap on most of the windows that I think I might be able to slip a hacksaw blade down into to cut the nail through. If I could do that then I could open the window and pull the nails out from the side you cant see when the window is closed. Why do I need to get the windows open if its about to be fall and winter here? I need to add some insulation in there and get a nice tight seal on those things. If I can get the whole nail out i might actually shoot a screw in there just for that added bit of security. If someone was going to break into my house though they would likely just kick in the backdoor and not try to pry open a window. Ill update when I figure out what im going to do about this. In the mean time I need to get some pipe cleaners. If you use the spray foam stuff in a can and you don’t use it all then you will tend to let that stuff harden up in the straw that comes with the can. You cant buy those straws separately for some reason. After you use the spray and still have some in the can then you can use the pipe cleaner to clean out the straw and save it for later use.


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