Project:Airline – The Deck is no more

When I bought the house I knew from the start that I would be getting rid of the deck. Since that time the idea that I have for the sitting area outside has transformed and morphed into something totally different. Im currently working on a sketch up of the final plan but that will have to come later.

Here are three before shots…these were from around September-ish.

Last weekend I finished up pulling out all of the liner from underneath the pond. I have only left about a 10 sqft section that I cant dig out by hand. The roots that are bound over it are too thick. Im going to have to wait till I can get a bobcat to come in and dig it up for me.

That being said I finally got all of the rocks moved that were in the pond. I did that in really only a few hours. My shoulders were screaming by the time I was done though.The rocks will be reused later for the fireplace outside.

This is the pile of rocks after I was finished:

On Sunday, once I got the rocks moved I started cutting up the deck. I made long cuts following next to the stringers underneath. Once that was cut I would have to cut the header end next to the stringer. Then I pulled off each piece of decking. Most of that was done with a sledge hammer. Each piece of decking was about 2 and half feet long. The deck is a full 20 feet long and about 10 – 15 feet wide.

I put all of the decking in a pile but saved most of the stringers. I plan to pull all of the nails out and reuse them for other projects. The rest I plan to burn. Me and the kids have fires in our fire ring all the time now since it is colder weather. Heres a shot after the deck is completely gone. Notice the posts that are still in the ground.

This is from today. I burned a good bit while I was pulling the posts out of the ground.

After the posts have been removed and I started busting up the concrete block wall:



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