Crossfit Day 1

I started Crossfit yesterday. So far its not so bad. I have to take 6 classes that are foundational classes which teach you the basic moves. I actually re-learned how to squat yesterday. Apparently all these years I have been cocking my knee out to the side a little and never realized it. In all I maybe did 100 “air” squats. My legs are barely even sore today. I got there a few minutes early though and watched the end of the previous class which was a regular class. By the end those guys were laying on the ground barely able to move. I pretty much go all out when im in the gym or doing some exercise like Crossfit. Im slow to get up to speed but once Im moving im alike a freight train and im not stopping until im just completely spent. This is the main reason I think Crossfit is going to be a good fit for me…they encourage this type of mentality and work ethic.

Tomorrow I have my second foundation class so ill try and give a quick update after that.

Just for record keeping my weight at the start of doing Crossfit before I had even stepped foot in the gym was a dead even 200 pounds. Not sure about the boy fat percentage and im not super concerned with that right now. Im mainly going at this to develop strength and endurance and ill worry about trimming down once I get a little deeper into this hole. I did take before pictures so ill post those up a little later in about 60 days or so when I plan on taking some more to have for comparison.

Here is a link to the gym im going to and a quick pic…



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