The most awesome WOD

I always appreciate the people who stand there and yell at me to push myself a little further when im knee deep in a tough wod. Today was no exception. It was a heavy one and I was already pretty tired by the time class rolled around today.

One little voice that stood out tonight though was my oldest son. I was almost done and was really struggling and all of the sudden I heard “Cmon daddy!” over everyone else and the blasting music. That was awesome. I didn’t suddenly have some burst of energy or anything but I did have a feeling or a thought that I knew I was doing something good and my son was watching me. The pain and the sweat and the work and the struggle of the last six months suddenly made sense…im setting an example for my kids every time they go to the gym with me. I hope the eating and exercise habits that they see me doing sticks with them in the coming years and for the rest of their life. Hearing his little 11 year old voice over everyone was awesome. I really appreciate all those who yell at me and the verbal pats on the back from our coaches but nothing is as gratifying as having your son yelling for you and then give you five when you are done and HIM telling ME that I did a good job. That was the most awesome WOD and one I will never forget.


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