My supplements


I often get asked at the gym, “What is that concoction you are drinking now?” Its very often the same thing I always drink but it may have an extra or less of something in it depending on my goals at that particular time. Right now im in a more bulking phase and not worrying so much about being ripped. Im trying to put on some size while still staying lean. To that end in my protein drinks im looking to keep low carb. When you are balancing this though you have to also keep in mind of when and how much you are taking and also figure in your actual meals as well.

My schedule right now is: (keep in mind im up at 4am)

  • Early morning – 1 serving VP2 with water, Fishoil pills
  • Breakfast – usually 2 eggs and 2 slices of bacon
  • Mid morning snack – larabar or something similar
  • Lunch – at least 8oz of meat with a full cup to cup and a half of veggies
  • Afternoon – 1 serving of VP2, Casein, Creatine with water
  • Pre workout – C4 preworkout drink with NO2
  • Post workout – 1 serving of VP2, Casein, Creatine with water
  • Dinner – 4-6 oz of meat with some sort of salad
  • Before bed – 1 serving of Casein with water

I dont exactly keep up with calories and such as much as I used to or probably still should but im in a growing phase right now so I just know I gotta eat. Nutrition is the key to any success you have in the gym. You can lift all you want but nothing is going to happen for you if you are not eating for your goals.

Products I use and order from

Keep in mind this is what I take. It works for me. Some people will agree and disagree with your way of thinking about your diet and what you consume. You have to listen with a filtered ear. Research before you just start taking something of following a specific meal plan. It all takes some experimentation to know what works for you and what doesnt. Feel free to comment or ask questions.



These supplements are NOT paleo. I firmly believe in eating paleo but I also believe that in todays world it is not sustainable 100% of the time. I also believe that for bigger gains you have to step outside of the paleo box to consume more protein than what you can get from meats and vegetables. Before you go ranting on me about not being paleo I have always stated that im about 80-90% strict the other part of the time I eat what I want and enjoy it.


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