Crossfit Open Games 2014

Are you ready? Are you signed up? Im so psyched about this year’s Open I cant stand it. In the past few months I can tell that my wod times have gotten better and my form and efficiency in lifts has improved also. I know I will do better than I did last year. This year though my goal is more than just do better than last year. Its to set the bar for next year. Next year for the 2015 Open I will be in the Masters 40-44 class. Next year I plan on making something big happen. This year though is my time to find my weaknesses, compare to the field, and move on from there.

If you have signed up for the Games, good luck to you. Have a goal, make a plan, stick to it….breathe and go.

If you havent signed up yet you still have time. Even if you sign up after the open has started tonight you can still do work and compare yourself to the field.

As of Sunday at midnight a custom leaderboard will be here on my blog that will track me and how Im doing against the field of the Masters 40-44 men. Come back over the next 5 weeks and check on me. Feel free to give a shout out too.




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