WOD 5.14.14

WOD 5.14.14
Dynamic Warm Up
Bench Press ( 2×5, 2×3, 3×1)
Jackie (Time)
For Time:
1000m Row
50 Thrusters, 45#
30 Pull-ups

35# thrusters for women
sandbagged a little on the bench press…tried to save a little for Jackie  got #205 easily…id guess my true max is now about 215 or 220
Jackie…7:43   respectable i know but i could have done so much better.
First I fumbled the rower and the handle got sucked all the way up to the housing and I had to unstrap one foot to reach up and grab the handle. This caused the timer to start on the rower and thus threw me off by about 20-25 seconds. I had no idea what my real pace was. Afterwards I found out that I finished in 4:09.9 which is really about 3:45 or 3:50…little slower than i wanted.
After I got going on the thrusters i was lowering the bar and dropped it and it caught my front of my head. I got a little goose egg there now 4 hours later. I couldnt keep my mind straight and concentrate after that and I felt the wheels fall off at about #40. The pullups were horrible. I needed to stretch them a lot more than I did before I started. I easily have a sub 7:00 Jackie in me. I just need the perfect storm to happen.

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