Got my fat measured yesterday. It was a different style test from the last time and I was told that the percentages could vary 2-3% from the old test to the new way of calculating for the current test. In other words…dont be surprised if you are fatter.
I actually look slimmer and a little more defined than last time but I knew I was running a little heavier. The last month I have really cut back on how much I have been eating and really upped my metcon work. Ive definitely gotten faster but my strength has really tanked. Im off by 40-45 pounds on my max deadlift. When I was weighed yesterday though I was told what I needed to eat in calories to hit my goal and its a lot more than I have been eating. Knowing how this went the last time I should be able to come pretty close to my goal bodyfat and overall body weight by the end of August. Here’s my stats…

Prepared by:
Dunk Truck®
904 Winfield Avenue  Atlanta, GA 30316
(678) 328-0229

Hydrostatic Profile:

Body Fat %: 17.2% Fat Mass (lbs): 33.7

Lean Body Mass %: 82.8% Lean Mass (lbs): 162.3

Goal Body Fat%: 11.0% Weight at Goal BF%: 182


Metabolic Profile:

Basal Metabolic Rate: 1963 cal/day Max HR: 179

Activity Level: Moderately Active                                                         Age Predicted Heart Rates:

Maintenance Zone (Net): 3043 cal/day                                             Anaerobic HR Zone: 143 to 170

Fat Loss Zone (Net): 2435 cal/day                                                     Aerobic HR Zone: 98 to 125


Client Test Data:

Gender: Male Age: 39

Height: 68.25 Weight: 196

Water Temp: 34      Water Weight: 7500


Current Body Fat % 17.2% 196 Current Total Body Weight

17% -0.7 -0.9 194.4

16% -2.9 -0.3 192.9

15% -5.0 0.3 191.3

14% -7.2 0.9 189.7     <=====AUG GOAL!

13% -9.3 1.4 188.1

12% -11.3 1.9 186.6

Excellent Body Fat % 11% -13.4
185.0  Goal Total Body Weight



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