WOD 8.19.14


Went to Crossfit Elect and tried out a wod there. It happened to be a guy’s birthday there so the wod was extra hard.

800m row

15 Min AMRAP with partners
Bench x 8
bent over row x 8
strict toes to bar x 8

Worked up to 185 x 8 for bench and 155 x 8 on rows


part 1
8min amrap

8 hang cleans @ 135
19 deadlifts @ 135
40 airsquats

I got 2+9 Lower back was super tight from back squats the day before

part 2
8min amrap

40 OH lunges @ #45
19 KB swings @ #53

I got 1+10

All in all it was a good workout. I was soaked at the end. The style of coaching is different than what im used to. I wont say its bad or better just different. I was already in a bad mood, tired, and cranky. I should have actually taken the day off. I think id need to go back another time to check out the class to see if I wanted to move there or not. It was definitely a lot more intense and focused but at the same time I felt a little rushed.


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