WOD 12.1.14

10 airsquats
10 power snatches with bar
10 walking lunges with deep hip extension pushing knee out forcing inside foot down
10 Primal pull throughs

Oly 12 min
Every 90 sec x8 @ 75% of 1RM snatch
1 power snatch + 2 full snatches
*drop bar after each rep

Strength 10 min
Back Squat-Build to a heavy 2 reps in 10 mins

Every 2 min on 2 mins for 20 min
10 wall balls 30/20
6 chest to bars
25 double unders

Stayed at #115 for the snatches. Hips were super tight from basically not stretching enough and not doing anything for a week. This resulted in bad form and loading up my lower back. It was tight before I was done.
Worked up to #335 for 2 on backsquat…should be at about #350 ideally. Time off has hurt my squat a little bit.
Got 2 rounds into the wod and stopped. My lower back was so tight it hurt when I would breathe in. Ill have to try this one again some other time.


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