Mental tricks

I read this article a few weeks ago by Josh Bridges about two tricks to beating your mental barriers during a wod. The one that stuck out to me was the idea of “one more rep”. Ever since I read this i have been trying to practice this during wods. I dont really go into the wod thinking about it as much as it just sort of comes to me in the middle of the madness. One example was last night. We had a buy in of 30 kettle bell swings with the #70. Our coach said he wanted us to use a weight that we could use and go unbroken. I already had the #70 set up in my space and was already ready to go so I decided to stay with it. Still not thinking about the “one more rep”.
So we get started and I crank off 10, 15, 18, 20. Then it hit me…”one more rep”. I knew I was close so I just started telling myself “One more and I can drop…nope one more…nope one more…nope, I think I have one more”. Then I had 5 left. I pictured in my mind 5 little chalk tic marks. Each rep one disappeared. Boom…30 done unbroken. Most I had ever done with that weight unbroken. I wonder how many I could do now just for max reps?
Its these little things that help you through the hard parts…not just at Crossfit but in all things. Everyone faces hard times and challenges. When you do try using this “one more rep” method. Take care of the small things involved in your issue. One at a time. Keep chipping away at it and before you know it you will be putting that challenge behind you.



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