WOD 12.16.14

2 laps
Then 2 rounds of the following:
12 reverse Flys with 5lb plates
10 squats with pvc with 5 sec hold at bottom
12 lateral raises with 5lb plates
10 single leg Romanian DL 10 each leg
12 front raises with 5lb plates

Base these off your max squat clean
All sets are unbroken
3×1 squat cleans @90%
2×3 squat cleans @80%
1×5 squat cleans @70%

15 min AMRAP
Max reps Bear Complex 115/75 if the bar Rest on the the ground 1 lap ( 5 AM if it’s to cold 12 calorie row)


Worked up to #175 x 5
25 complete cycles…airdyn instead of run


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