WOD 1.12.15

Warm up (8 MIN)
250 meter row
5 push press +5 push jerks + 5 split jerks with bar
X2 add weight on 2nd round

Strength/Oly: (20 MIN)
5 Working sets of cluster
1 push press+1 push jerk+1 split jerk
Get as heavy as possible
Between each set of the cluster (so 5 sets) perform 5-8 strict pull ups on last rep hold chin over the bar for 10 secs

Every 3 min on 3 mins for 21 mins complete the following:
10 S20 95/65
30 DUBS or 90 singles
10 kipping pull ups

Perform max cals on rower in 30 sec immediately followed by 30 sec plank x10

Worked up to 185…think i could have gone for more with a little more time.
Teamed up with Corey Garcia for the wod. 19:57…dubs killed us both.


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