WOD 6.2.15

Starting now I will be doing the metcon first and then the strength portion afterwards. The main reason is that by the time I am done lifting heavy during the strength portion my lower back is already so tight I can barely move much less do a metcon. This will give me time to get loose, do the metcon, and then be ready to lift afterwards. My numbers will not be what they usually are because I will be tired from the metcon but on days when I only lift and try to go heavy I believe those numbers will go up exponentially. Todays wod was a first test f this theory and honestly I felt great. I had more gas in the tank for the metcon. I also felt good doing my squats. I stopped but could have gone with a little more on the bar I think. Either way this will improve my cardio which is what I need for now. Later on at the end of summer I will switch back maybe and focus more on my strength.

3 front squats @ #115
3 t2b
3 pushups

Made it to 8 t2b on round 15…so 12s and 22

backsquat 3×3
135, 225, 245, 265, 285…Could have gone for an even 300 I think

Trip started officially working out with me today…I will need to start him a log somewhere so he can keep track of his info.
he did:
4 rft
5 pushups
10 burpees
20 alternating lunges



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